Dead Zebra’s 3″ high PVC Android Mini collectibles are adorable, but there’s a new version coming that’s bigger (no, not that big) and made of reclaimed timber.

The wooden Android mini’s stand 5″ tall and are made by Queens NYC-based woodworker and toy maker Ken Como under his NoliNoli toy brand. There’s been previous runs of the wooden Androids, but with such fine craftmanship, they’ve ended up in the hands of Googlers, but the good news is us mere mortals will have a chance to grab one later this year.


The run is limited, with some going with Andrew Bell, the man behind Dead Zebra, to San Diego Comic Con, while the rest will be made available to the general public later this year. The wooden Androids are ‘made from a combination of regionally sourced FSC certified white oak and maple woods, finished with a natural shellac and bees wax for a nice soft sheen’.

They can be pulled apart for easy cleaning and come packed in a muslin bag and custom kraft box.

At $120USD each, they aren’t cheap, but they are going to be extremely rare, so collectors will be champing at the bit to get at what ever supplies are made available.

If you’re going to Comic Con this year, let us know – we have some shopping for you to do for us.

Source: DeadZebra.