Gear IconX

We first spotted the Gear IconX a few months back as they passed through the FCC. That was soon followed by Samsung officially announcing the in-ear Bluetooth Earphones internationally. At that time Samsung Australia confirmed that the new Gear IconX would be heading down under, if like me you’ve been waiting for that time, today is your lucky day.

Samsung has confirmed with us that you can buy the earphones in Australia, now. They will retail for $279 and will initially be offered through either a Samsung experience store or their Australian website although it wasn’t live at the time of writing. In early August availability will expand to other retail outlets.


The Gear IconX are more than they appear to be, not only are they a set of cordless in-ear Bluetooth earphones they are also a fitness tracker – incorporating both step and HR tracking –  a voice coach for those solo workout sessions and an independent MPS player. With the included carrying/ charging case, you get an additional 3 charges on top of the standard 1.5 hrs playtime on Bluetooth and 3hrs playtime running from internal storage.

These are the perfect companion to those who want to ultimate in portable, almost undetectable fitness headphones. For those who are just looking for a really great set of Bluetooth headphones incorporating voice calling and touch control these also look to be a solid contender.

The Gear IconX feature:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargable battery, via charging case and POGO pins on the device
  • Touch control
  • 4GB internal storage
  • Heart rate monitor

With the rumours of more OEM’s cutting the 3.5mm headphone jack out of phones, a move we think is a horrible idea, the Bluetooth ear/headphone space is looking like it’s about to get a boot. Samsung has a set heading our way soon for review so we’ll be sure ti let you know how they perform.

What do you think of the Samsung Gear IconX earphones? Let us know below.

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I have been using these earbuds for several days and my experience is overwhelmingly positive; crisp neutral sound, surprisingly good mid-range and bass (make sure the ear canal fit is snug), acceptable battery life, especially on mp3 mode, VERY comfortable over serveral hours, lots of function and easy operation. Syncs fine with non-Samsung Android. 2 firm ware updates in the last week should bring improved performance.


I can just imagine the horror of losing one of these expensive ear buds down the back of the Elliptical machine at the gym.


Are they compatible with Samsung only? Or Bluetooth audio with anything and Fitness stuff only with Samsung?