Pawbo Family
At their press event at IFA in Germany, Acer announced a new Chromebook amongst other Windows related laptops, but they also announced a new smartphone controlled series of devices for your home that will let you interact with your pets.

Called Pawbo+, the main device is a video camera, which transmits video as well as sound, and thanks to the inbuilt speaker lets you talk to your cat, dog or pet as well. The camera also has a treat dispenser as well as a laser pointer built-in letting you annoy the crap out of your pet at will.

The camera is controlled by your smartphone, with an Android and iOS app available to let you login and check your pets.

As well as the camera, Acer has advised that four other Pawbo products are coming later:

  • Pawbo Flash (artificial lighting for camera)
  • Pawbo Munch (additional treat dispenser)
  • Pawbo Catch (cat teaser)
  • Pawbo Punch (whac-a-mole game)

To get a look at the Pawbo family, Acer has released this teaser video:

From what I can tell, the main benefit above a cheap IP Camera is the treat dispenser and laser pointer – though just how useful that will be remains to be seen. An IP Camera may also be more useful with pan/tilt controls as the Pawbo is locked to a slightly downward angle to alleviate potential privacy concerns.

At this stage Pawbo will only be available in the United States,Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan where it will be available to pre-order for $169USD from September 1st – no pricing has been announced for the four accessories coming later. If you want to see more of Pawbo, head to the website to check it out.

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I had heard about Pawbo, but I did not know that Acer was the company behind it. It’s good to know that there is a well-known name behind this pet camera.