Home security company Ring, makers of the awesome Ring Video Doorbell, has today expanded on their recently released Floodlight Cam range with the Ring Spotlight Cam.

The Spotlight Cam comes in battery powered, wired, and solar powered options with a built-in 1080P camera with 2-way audio and twin LED light panels that turn on when motion is detected. The motion sensor carries a 270-degree field of view, while the camera can take in almost everything in front of it, with a 140-degree field of view.

The wired model comes with a 20 foot power cable, while the battery and solar powered models come with a 6,000mAh battery pack as well as a slot for a second battery to double the life of the unit. In addition the solar powered model comes with a solar panel. While the battery and solar powered models have a slot for a second battery, only one is in the box with an option to purchase additional batteries for $49 each.




Jamie Siminoff, founder and chief inventor of Ring said:

For Ring devices to continue reducing crime in Australian neighbourhoods, we must provide homeowners with a variety of affordable, DIY security solutions that work together to create a complete ‘Ring of Security’ around their property. With the new Spotlight Cam, we are empowering Australians with a new way to protect the entire perimeter of the home – from the front door to the backyard.

Just like the rest of the cameras in the range, the Ring Spotlight Cam integrates into the Ring app which is available for Android and iOS.

Ring offers options for cloud recording from the camera if you’re interested in keeping that footage – always handy just in case. The costs for the basic Ring Video Recording plan is $4 AUD/month or $40 AUD/year per device – if, like me you have more than one Ring device though, you can get an Unlimited Cameras plan for $150 AUD/year or $15 AUD/month.

Ring will begin selling the Wired model in either black or white online from ring.com today for $329 AUD. The battery and solar powered models will be available for pre-order later in the year.

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