Google Chromecast
The retailer who originally leaked the impending launch of the Chromecast in Australia is offering the cheapest price we’ve seen it selling for in Australia yet – just $39.

Normally priced at $49, the Chromecast is available for just $39 using the code SUPER10. As a bonus Dick Smith is offering free delivery on Google’s popular HDMI dongle. This only works on one Chromecast, so no ordering 2 and expecting to pay $78 etc., but even still, this is an excellent deal.

Whether it be for using Plex, Quickflix or just watching YouTube, Chromecast is a great way to watch content on your TV controlled by your Android device. You can even get Netflix if you check out our guide on circumventing the hard-coded DNS.

Have you got a Chromecast yet? What’s your favourite usecase?

Source: Dick Smith.
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Dhruv Naik

Thanks Daniel! I just used this deal :). Got one some time ago from fishpond when it wasn’t available here. Sweet deal!

Patrick Turner

Thanks, used this deal to order my 2nd Chromecast. What does an old guy like me use them for… First one lives in the AUX input of my AV receiver to make my ‘dumbish’ 2yo Sony HX820 smarter than it ever was. It never had a great DLNA implementation, but now it is constantly used for content from my server-based Plex indexed library, as well as Youtube, Netflix and Vevo via Chromecast. And with the delivery of screen casting/mirroring via Chromecast 1.7.4 overnight, will be watching a hour or two of the Pay TV content in bed before I go… Read more ยป


Already have one. Won’t make the mistake of getting another one.

I spend more time trying to get the thing recognised on the bloody network then I do streaming content through it.

I have multiple devices (phones/tablets/laptops/TV’s) that all connect to my wifi network 100% of the time without issue, but the Chromecast, who’s sole purpose is to connect to networks and stream content, can’t. What a joke.

Elliot Kotis

Maybe you need a replacement, all of the Ausdroid guys have one (or most of us) and they work really well.


Not to be a dick but I doubt it’s an issue with your chromecast.


Damn. Just my luck, “website maintenance.. try again later”.


Just bought my second one.
Thanks for the head up!!


Thanks; just ordered one… seems like the only thing preventing me from buying it before was 10$!


Thanks for the heads up. I was going to buy another Chromecast today anyway. Saved me $10.


I’ve hooked mine up to the xb1 “TV input”
When needed i can ‘snap tv’ and it’ll show whatever i want on the side of the screen while im watching a movie or playing a game and i can then make it full screen if need be. Works well.


Awesome, I just bought my 4th one.

Matthew Wolstenholme

Chromecast + Plex or screen mirroring my nexus 5


Purchased. Disappointed that there’s no click and collect but I’ve got a busy weekend anyway. Thanks for the tip!


Delivery only,… no click and collect which is sad as DSE is just across the road from me ๐Ÿ™


Is it possible to stream from network drives with chrome cast yet?

Daniel Tyson

You generally need some sort of server – DLNA or other. Apps such as Plex, Bubble UpNP or Mezzmo can do this for you.


And AllCast

Dennis Bareis

Thanks for the heads up, just bought one ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey if I buy one as a going away present for a friend going to America to live, will it work without having to do anything once over there?


If their TV has a powered USB port then no, otherwise they’ll need a power adapter. I have a US import and it works fine in Australia.

Daniel Lanza

Yeh, it should. I got my Chromecast from the USA before the Australia release and never had a problem with it.