Android TV Launcher

Google have the Android TV Launcher into Google Play, similar to the Google Now Launcher, meaning that they can now release at least some updates for the platform by simply updating the launcher instead of the underlying codebase.

Android TV Launcher is optimised for TV, placing content at the centre of your entertainment hub in your home with a ‘leanback’ experience designed for larger screens, offering movies and TV viewing as well as gaming. But it’s an infant platform and as with other nascent Google platforms will evolve swiftly over the coming months in the lead up to a broader launch from manufacturers such as Sony, Sharp and more.

If you own a Nexus Player (congratulations Ross) or an ADT-1 developer unit, the launcher is now available to install.

Android TV Launcher
Android TV Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play - Android TV Launcher.
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    My child use Handy Smart TV launcher for hiw minix tv box and i can say that i’m pretty satisfied with the functionality of this launcher. As for Android Launcher from google – it is a good idea but i do not agree with google with their decision to serve this launcher for few devices only. If i have no nexus hardware why can’t i use it? (


    So no option to install on say Nexus 7 when using a Chromecast? Shame.