Google just keeps making their Chromecast even better. In reports from users on reddit, some Chromecast apps are seeming to now respond to media controls from TV remote controls.

The thread on the Chromecast sub-reddit has been attracting attention with a variety of users reporting various degrees of success. A list of apps which are showing limited functionality, such as Play/Pause working includes apps such as WatchESPN, HBO Go, Chrome web videos, YouTube, Allcast, BBC iPlayer, Google Play Music and TuneIn Radio.

The new function is reportedly a feature of HDMI-CEC, but so far no-one with an older, non-HDMI CEC compliant TV has reported whether this feature is working for them. It’s a strange feature to have crop up, with Chromecast not actually incorporating an Infra-Red receiver so it’s possible that HDMI-CEC, which is a two-way protocol, is required for this to work.

From Google’s end there hasn’t been any mention of this feature, although it could just be in early days. It’s possible the function is from an upcoming update to Google Play Services or a new Chromecast firmware. Either way, it’s promising, so why not try it out on your Chromecast and let us know how you go.

Source: reddit.
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    Stephen Reeves

    Nup, cant get playback controls working with my 2010 vintage Samsung TV. 🙁 it does respond to the power-on control though.

    Chris Croft

    It’s working in Play Music but does not work in Plex. My chromecast has version 27964


    I noticed a few days ago that on my 5.5+ year old Sony, when I accidentally hit the ‘return’ (? – text has rubbed off) button it exited out of Stan and went back to the Chromecast main screen.

    vijay alapati

    as per other site this only works with firware 27964 which can be checked in chromecast app

    Stephen Reeves

    Off-Topic: has anyone ever had a Chromecast replaced under warranty? I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks now without any sign of it (sent from singapore, no tracking…) I’m lucky I had $50 available and I went out and bought another straight away, but if I’d had to wait, I’d be pretty annoyed.

    Stephen Reeves

    it would also be nice to control the chromecast volume directly, as I use an external amplifier rather than my TV audio.

    Stephen Reeves

    I recently acquired a Samsung TV with AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC) which works well enough to Turn the TV on and switch to the right port when I start casting, but the media controls on the remote have never worked, I wish they would. When casting, I’m usually doing other stuff on the ipad, or put it to sleep, so it’s a bother to have to switch back to the youtube or other app to pause/rewind etc.


    I have a Samsung 2012 smart tv, the standard remote works with the Chromecast, YouTube at least – play pause exit.


    Same here, play pause exit on a 2010 Sony Bravia (Bravia Sync). Mind you, it might have worked before – this is the first time that I’ve tried it!