Integration with Google Home is all the rage with smart accessories, now it seems networking and accessory maker TP-Link are working to make their smart bulbs compatible with the assistant as well.

At their booth on the show floor at CES, TP-link is showing off their in progress demonstration of Google Home capabilities alongside the Amazon Echo. The feature is still in beta at this stage with bugs still being worked out, but from the demonstration it’s looking like it will work pretty well. It’s a good sign too because TP-Link is planning to make the update official in the next month with TP-Link reps advising that it will go official sometime at the end of January or beginning of February.

The time-frame is fortuitous for Australian customers – at least those who’ve imported Google Home – because TP-Link is intending to launch their smart bulbs, which currently have a ‘Coming Soon’ tag on them on their site, in Australia soon as well. According to the same reps, the bulbs are set for launch here at the end of February.

The TP-Link bulbs retail at a very affordable price with the standard white bulb starting at $19.99USD while a colour changing bulb can start at $35USD. The pricing is comparable to other bulbs on the market from Belkin with the WeMo bulbs and Philips with their Hue bulbs, what the pricing will be when they do launch hasn’t been announced, but we’ll know soon enough.

If you’re in the market for smart bulbs then the range of choice is growing rapidly, it’s going to be a hot area over the next year especially if Google Home launches here soon.

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Really wish I could get into smart bulbs, I just have an issue with all the bulbs seemingly being low brightness. Several of my dumb bulbs are like 1450 lumen bulbs (100w equivalents), and no-on seems to make any smart bulbs like that. So all I could use them for is lamps.

Daniel Tyson

My LIFX bulbs are overly bright. Check them out in Harvey Norman, the White is brilliantly powerful.


Very interesting, great to see more of the “hub” free light bulb systems and that they are baking in support for Google Home.