Esports is big business these days and for peripheral manufacturers, partnering with an Esports team can result in big sales. So it isn’t a surprise that one of the big names in gaming peripherals, HyperX has teamed up with a big name in Esports and in fact, motorsport: Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull Racing Esports will have access to HyperX’s market-leading gaming mice and keyboards and award-winning Cloud headsets for training and competitions. The customisation and comfort of the HyperX gear will help them remain focused and engaged in the game for extended periods.

We’ve featured HyperX on previous editions of Weekend Warrior, covering keyboards, mice and headsets. The big selling point for so many buyers with HyperX is the affordability of the hardware, without compromising the quality and user experience.

As an amateur — very amateur — gamer, it’s great to see these types of partnerships and brand awareness continuing to grow. Now if only having the same gear as the top Esports names gave me the same gaming skill.

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Seriously jealous of that simulator setup.