Sometimes when something comes through the Ausdroid inbox it’s worth sharing. For gamers who like to be really immersed in games, this is one of them. The NANCON RIG Pro compact has a great secret, Dolby Atmos for headphones. Yeah, while Dolby Atmos isn’t new or ground breaking, the fact that the controller has a Dolby headphone jack built into it is in fact a first.

To take advantage, you’ll need a set of headphones that’s Atmos compliant and capable of delivering that immersive, surround sound experience. But having that sound immersion delivers a gaming advantage to users with directional sound giving you an edge in the heat of gaming battles. Like a lot of other controllers on the market, you can customise button mapping and alter your trigger sensitivities to suit your style of play.

Peter Petrides, RIG VP of Global Sales & Marketing said:

This is the perfect controller for competitive players who prefer and play better, using a smaller form factor not available in other elite products. The PRO Compact provides unparalleled levels of customisation through its dedicated PRO Compact app. This, coupled with the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, makes it an extremely compelling controller for its price.

Both JB Hi-Fi and EB Games have the Pro compact available for $89.95 in-store now.

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Shane Wilson

What brand is this thing? Heading says ‘Nancon’, hero image is ‘Nacon’ and text is ‘Nanco’.
Not even a link as to where one might want to buy this ‘multi-branded’ controller. I expect better than this @philtann.
(yes, I know you mention where it’s available in the text, but links !!!)


RIG was originally Plantronics, but they sold off RIG to Bigben Interactive, who now flog RIG under their Nacon brand. The deal was finalized in Feb 2020.