If you’re the owner of a Eufy security camera system, you should probably take notice of this. The popular brand has suffered what has been described as a “software bug” during a system upgrade overnight. The result is that users are randomly seeing other users security cameras, including inside strangers homes.

From what we’ve seen online, there is no rhyme, reason or consistency to the issue. Just that in the app you’ve got the chance that you’ll have access to someone else’s cameras. Not just viewing either, the bug has allowed admin controls to be compromised also. Clearly, this is a major issue for Eufy who have issues just a simple statement:

Dear eufy Security Users:

A software bug occurred during our latest server upgrade at 4:50 AM EST today. Our engineering team recognized this issue at around 5:30 AM EST, and quickly got it fixed by 6:30AM EST.

We recommend that all users:

Please unplug and then reconnect the device.
Log out of the eufy security app and log in again.
For any questions, users can contact our support team at [email protected]

Apparently, the issue was resolved quickly and the user simply needs to turn it off and on again. That’s the full kit: Log out, then back into the app as well as power cycling your cameras. Personally, I’m not sure that is enough explanation as to what went wrong and the measures taken to prevent a recurrence. If I had Eufy cameras, I’d be turning them off outright until I had the full story.