There are a lot of factors in how users may choose to charge their phones. But for many users, life is unpredictable enough to always want your phone charged to a reasonable capacity. This is where wireless charging becomes a need rather than a want. But there are so many options, it’s hard to know what to buy. iOttie has been kind enough to send us one of their iON Wireless Duo charging stands to take a look at over the last few weeks. It’s become part of my daily flow and now, I can’t do without it.

What is it?

The iOttie iON Wireless Duo is a wireless charging setup capable of charging a phone and one more device simultaneously. It has a phone pad on the left, ready to rest your phone on and a flat pad ready for smaller devices such as wireless earbuds capable of wireless charging. I particularly like the fact that in front of the phone stand there is a small lip to prevent your phone from sliding off. Adding to this the slightly rubberised feel of the flat pad means that even with minor bumps as you pass your devices won’t get knocked off.

Each of the two pads has independent LED indicators to show whether your device is drawing a charge, or completed charging. On the surface a really good setup, but there is a minor drawback in the proprietary charging cable used: Why in the current age can’t we just have a universal standard like USB-C used?

Daily use – How did it go?

So there’s good and bad to consider here because, while the convenience of wireless charging is amazing the iOttie iON Wireless Duo won’t fast charge many devices. The output (for Android devices) is 10W which is perfectly acceptable for a trickle charge to keep you topped up during the day, but a far cry from the 50W warp charge OnePlus currently offers.

If you’re a heavy phone user, who spends a lot of time on the phone you’ve likely got chargers everywhere. This is where the convenience of wireless charging really excels. I have a wireless charger on my desk at home, one on my bedside table and one on my desk in the office. When I’m not using my phone, it’s on the charger and, as a result, I rarely run the risk of running out of battery.

On the phone pad, the placement of your phone really isn’t too critical to ensure the coils engage. The flat pad for other smaller devices, not so flexible in placement but I suspect that is also relating to the earbuds I was using.

Would I recommend the iOttie iON Wireless Duo?

As the phone generations roll on, wireless charging isn’t a luxury any longer since it’s included in a large percentage of phones. The problem is that none of the phone manufacturers includes a wireless charging stand with their phones. So it makes sense to pick up a third party, broadly capable as this particular charging option is.

If you’re a heavy user of your phone throughout the day, then a wireless charging pad is a really good investment. Your phone battery is constantly getting topped up, within easy reach if you’re a desk worker, easily accessible and not tethered to the spot. But if you’re looking for a fast-charging solution then — unless it’s a purpose-built option by your phones own manufacturer — wireless charging may not be the solution for you just yet, but it’s getting very close.

Having the iOttie iON Wireless Duo charging stand has reduced cables on my bedside cabinet which is a good thing. It has increased the ease of charging my phone and made it easier to answer calls if my phone goes off at night. I’m certainly happy with the outcome and am more than happy to spend the money on having one in my home.

It’s available through the iOttie and Amazon websites for just over $80 plus shipping along with plenty of other charging and phone mount options.