With a number of competitors building a strong market presence, Razer has continued to innovate and upgrade its gaming gear. With increased focus on performance and in particular, Esports, there are a couple of new additions worth taking note of.

The Wolverine V2 Chroma game controller

An upgrade to the Wolverine controller we previously reviewed, with the addition of Razer Chroma RGB and some very useful upgrades. Everything from a change of button technology to additional buttons on the rear of the controller results in a more fulfilling gaming experience. Interchangeable thumbsticks give users the option to customise not just the look, but the feel of their controller in hand. This in hand feeling change is complemented by the change in design to an L-Shaped setup with continued wraparound grip.

Coming in at $254.95 it’s not a controller for casual gamers, but a weapon for those who want to take their sports and action platformers to another level. The Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma is designed for Xbox and PC gaming, with plug and play compatibility but you will need Synapse to customise the appearance.

The Razer Huntsman V2 Keyboard

Touted as Razer’s most responsive, high-performance keyboards to date there are some big claims to live up to. The upgrades over the previous generation start with second-generation optical switches and 8k hyper polling: Leading to a better feel and even faster response times.

An area that Razer is particularly strong in, is listening to market feedback. In this, they have refined their hardware to meet the market expectations. One of these improvements was to reduce the “clickiness” of the keyboard by adding a silicone sound dampener, but without drastically changing the feeling of the keys or adversely affecting the typing experience. A higher level of smoothness to the keystrokes has been added by adding extra lubrication to the switches and the light activation of switches reduces keypress lag.

To make sure your keyboard is going to stand the test of time, double-shot PBT keys increase the durability of the keys. Even if you manage to wear out keys, you’ll be able to purchase replacements through the Razer store online. Rounding out the experience is the customisable media keys and digital dial giving you one-touch control over multiple functions without the need to exit your game.

For users looking for an upgrade (Christmas is coming…), there are two models, with two different switch options available: The full-sized keyboard will set you back $324.95 for the purple — clicky — switch or $344.95 for the Red — quieter — switch. If you want something a bit smaller, the Huntsman V2 will also be available in a Tenkeyless form factor for $259.95for the purple switch or $279.95 for the red.

Both the Wolverine V2 and the Huntsman V2 are coming soon to the usual retail channels and online at the Razer Store.