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Pebble Smart Watch – Dick Smith On line Exclusive Offer – Ends Today $152.15 with Free Shipping.

Due to Dick Smith EOFY Frenzy Tuesday we’ve found a pretty sweet deal, the Pebble Smart Watch has gone on-sale. When you order on-line from their website, you can pick one up – in Black or Red – for $152.15 with Free Shipping. They normally sell for $179 but if you order today you will save $26.85.

The Pebble Smart Watch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

According to Dick Smith’s website:

Pebble displays email, SMS, Caller ID and alerts from your favourite apps right on your wrist, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket while you are in meetings, social events or on the go. Pebble alerts you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, meeting reminders and notifications. And because of the long running battery life, Pebble blends into your day to day activities without slowing you down while running, cycling, jogging or just going about your busy schedule.

Click on this link PEBBLE Smart Watch to check out the deal but you better be quick, it ends today!

Does this mean that Dick Smith may know something about a new Smart Watch on the horizon or possibly making way for the Pebble Steel?

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Joshua Hill

Have to be more than 15% off to entice me. You call that an EOFY sale Dick Smith?


I think I’ll go for this when its down to $100 – dont think it will be long with android wear around the corner.


$179 RRP? Ridiculous. Paid $125ish for mine as a Kickstarter backer nearly 18 months ago. How can they justify charging this much when the Steel is out, and Moto 360 is around the corner?

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Strand, I guess $152 is not too bad when Kogan are selling them for $159 plus shipping ($182 total). I’m guessing the Moto 360 is probably going to sell for around $300 when it eventually makes it’s way to Australia. How have you found your Pebble?


The Pebble is great. The issue is that it’s no spring chicken. It’s a year and a half old and already has a much prettier sibling and serious competition coming soon. I doubt the Moto 360 will be $300 (though I’d love to be proven wrong). The thing has been pipped as around 200 pounds and with the usual Australia tax, I expect it to be in the ballpark of 400 bucks.

Joshua Hill

Based on rumoured US and UK pricing it should only be $300 AU but given the Australia tax Moto placed on devices like the X and G I think unfortunately you’re probably right. The 360 will more likely sell for $350 – 400.

Joshua Hill

I personally think only 15% off at an end of financial year sale is hardly a sale. Any idea why my original post went to pending status?

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Joshua, yeah not the best sale but better than nothing. Not sure what happened to your other post?

Joshua Hill

I tried to say exactly the same thing yet for some reason another of my comments on Ausdroid is pending. Seriously confused at the restrictive posting policies. If you’re going to use some keyword filter to screen posts you need to quickly either accept or remove posts, not leave them hanging around in the aether for days.

Daniel Tyson

Actually i`m not sure why that comment was blocked. It’s approved now.

It’s a fine line between having open slather for people to swear, insult others and be spammed mercilessly and having to wait for us to be free to check pending comments. We try our best.

Marné Prinsloo

No Steel, no buy.


No steel, no buy
No pebble, no cry.
Good song that 😉

Marné Prinsloo

That’s a lifestyle I could get used to.
Pretty keen for the Moto360 over the Pebble though…