HTC SmartWatch
When Google announced back in March that they would be entering the Wearables space, they named a slew of partners from the Open Handset Alliance who had signed onto being hardware partners for the nascent Android Wear platfomrm. We’ve seen the launch of the LG G Watch, and Samsung Gear Live at Google I/O and seen Motorola’s offering the Moto 360, which is expected to be launched later this summer (Winter Southern Hemisphere). What we haven’t seen yet is the HTC offering…or have we?

A recent video from HTC titled – HTC Design – Behind the Scenes – which talks up their design credentials, has re-surfaced because eagle-eyed viewers have spotted some easter eggs in the form of what looks to be the HTC Smart watch.

The title shot is the first appearance, which occurs around the 0:35 mark, while a second glimpse, albeit in computerised model form shows up at the 0:43 mark :
HTC SmartWatch 2

If you’re keen to watch the video to see if you can pick out any further hints, jump in below and start checking the wrists of every employee who appears :

Source: HTC Source.
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OK so my one question was whether to get the Moto 360 (when it becomes available) or whether to wait and see HTC’s design.

Seems like Moto 360 it is.

Motorola seems to be the only one who has cared about what a watch should look like


Moar round ones!


Oh HTC. It’s gotta be round.