Our recent poll showed that overwhelmingly, that while the G Watch and Gear Live are good enough for some, the vast majority of you, 67% to be exact are waiting for the Motorola Moto 360 to become available before jumping into Android Wear.

Expert leaker Evan Blass, from @evleaks, who we had on the podcast this week, has put some multi-angle renders of the Moto 360 up on his site which remind us all just how good the Moto 360 looks and quite frankly, why if you’re after a great looking watch as well as the functionality of Android Wear, you are waiting for the Moto 360.

Motorola has said they will launch the Moto 360 before the end of Summer, but the bad news is that Summer in the US runs through till September 21st, so the launch is definitely not something that can be classed as imminent.

There’s a couple more pics over on Evan’s site, so head over and take a look.

Source: Evleaks.
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I am starting to think that I am the only person here who thinks that this thing is ugly as sin. Like strapping a huge piece of pipe to your wrist. I am very happy with everything about my gear live… Except for the fact that you have to take it off to charge it (like all of these watches). I am sure that this will still do the job though…


You’re not alone.


Wtf, why does their season go for an extrs 21 days? Or is thus referring to their summer vacation/holiday?


In most parts of the world the season change is based off of the day of the solstice – which is the 21st of December. We’re the weird ones that do it by calendar month, apparently.

Geoffrey D'Unienville

im hoping this has replaceable 22mm bands as well tho.. even after all that hype in the reveal video about their choice of leather.. i reckon the pics that have been shown so far make the leather band look horrible


I’m keen to get an Android watch but most of them just look awful. This one is beautiful 😀


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