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If you’re in the market for an affordable Android Wear device, then Deals Direct might have your next option; the Moto 360, released last year, is still a fairly popular Android Wear device, with its stylish round screen looking much more like a traditional watch than some square options. Though dogged by its ‘flat tyre’ appearance, I rather enjoyed the Moto 360, until upgrading a couple of months back.

Now, Deals Direct have it on sale for just $229, which is well below the price elsewhere (some other retailers are selling it for $100 more). This deal appears in Deals Direct’s latest catalogue (shown above), though we’ve been unable to find it on their website just yet.

Keep an eye out, and bag yourself a bargain on a new watch.

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Wouldn’t an LG W100 for $115 (just google it) be better value? Although it is square…

Bernie Frieri

Its online on their website now – however its at $299 so not as attractive an offer as $229 when you add shipping

vijay alapati

I would wait rather wasting money on this version as it has a weak battery and poor processor. well that’s thoughts


I’m happy with mine. Battery life is acceptable – I wear it all day with gestures on and it typically has 20% battery left when I go to bed (except I’ve had a couple of cases of an app update killing battery but generally it has been good). I’m not watching videos or playing games on mine but certainly haven’t seen any evidence of a ‘weak processor’.


I take mine off the charge at 5am and still have around 40% left at 6pm, although there is a few hours where I have it in theater mode while I’m at work. I actually feel the battery is getting better the more I’ve had/used it