We’re close, VERY CLOSE to getting CM7 on the HP Touchpad.

From all reports coming from the Cyanogen Mod team, the only major issue they have left to address is Wi-Fi.
CM7 is booting successfully, Multitouch is working successfully and sound is working successfully.

The release of CM7 for the Touchpad is setup for dual boot, so my purchase of the 32GB over the 16GB may pay off sooner rather than later.

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    Hear hear! A lack of a decent google reader is killing me on the Touchpad

    Jake Oliver

    Rotary Lockscreen is still broken 😛

    Michael Johnson

    I can’t wait!


    How about getting it released for the Galaxy S II already, I’m impatient 😛

    Phil Tann

    You’re always impatient Chief! 🙂