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ChromeOS Files App
According to a recent issue submission in the Chromium project, the suggestion has been made to give third parties access to the Files.App API which would allow for companies such as Microsoft, SugarSync and Dropbox to add their respective services as options to retrieve and sync your files with.

The complete suggestion is worded :

The basic idea is to allow an extension behave as a ‘drive’ in the file manager app in ChromeOS.
Currently the file manager has “Downloads” and “Drive” in the left column, and additional USB flash drives and temporary zip archives will appear. The extension will appear here and provide the list of files through the new API.

The ability to utilise multiple cloud storage services on ChromeOS would be a killer feature on the mainly cloud based OS and could really add an extra dimension of functionality and really, who doesn’t need more online storage. The ability to organise all these cloud storage services within the Files application would be amazing.

Do you see a need for this or would you prefer to leave Google Drive as the sole cloud storage service in ChromeOS?

Source: Chromium ProjectCraig TumblisonImage Credit : OMG Chrome.
Via: OMG Chrome.
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This sounds like an awesome prospect, having Dropbox access would be very helpful as it’s been around longer and I am better set up for using it (like I believe many others would be)