Attention Photographers, the last chromium build has apparently added support for additional RAW formats, including RAW formats from Canon, Fuji, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic and Sigma. The chrome.mediaGalleries API which is used to load and access media files from within a Chrome App can now access an extremely wide range of RAW photo formats. The Complete list of formats now supported are :

  • .3fr Hasselblad
  • .arw Sony
  • .cr2 Canon
  • .crw Canon
  • .dcr Kodak
  • .dng Adobe, Leica, Ricoh, Samsung
  • .erf Epson
  • .k25 Kodak
  • .kdc Kodak
  • .mef Mamiya
  • .mos Leaf
  • .mrw Minolta
  • .nef Nikon
  • .orf Olympus
  • .pef Pentax
  • .raf Fuji
  • .raw Leica, Panasonic, Phase One – TIFF
  • .rw2 Panasonic
  • .sr2 Sony
  • .srf Sony
  • .x3f Sigma


This bodes well for photographers who generally like to shoot in RAW and then edit or adjust the photo accordingly in a third party app. While there is not a great selection of third party apps currently, with the current focus on expanding the amount of Packaged Apps within ChromeOS, it’s a real possibility that something may crop up. In the meantime, you can try out sites like Pics.IO which allows users to ‘develop raw images in the browser’.

Are you a photographer? Do you Shoot Raw?

Source: Chromium.
Via: Francois Beaufort.