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The wait appears to be nearly over with Australian computer retailer PLE Computers – based in Western Australian – list all three models of the Nexus 7 (2013) for pre-order as well as giving a time-frame for the Australian stock to hit shelves.

PLE have advised that they will have all three models of the Nexus 7 (2013), the 16GB/32GB WiFi model as well as the 32GB LTE model with stock expected to arrive by the end of August. So, what will the Nexus 7 cost you in Australia?

16GB WiFi 32GB Wifi 32GB LTE
$299 $339 $439

It’s worth noting that these prices aren’t an official RRP – both Google and Asus have remained silent about Australian pricing and release information since the device’s launch.

PLE has three stores, all in WA located in Bentley, Cockburn and Wangara where you can pick the tablet up in-store when available for no charge. They also offer delivery through Australia Post or via courier delivery through Star Track or Australian Air Express, the cost of shipment to NSW was estimated at :

Australia Post eParcel Registered $14.08
Australia Post eParcel Express $25.16
StarTrack / Australian Air Express Satchel Bag $15.13

The Tablets are available now for pre-order on their website. Hopefully this means a Google Play Launch may be either around then or just before.

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Does the LTE work in Australia?


I’m in Australia and already have one – typing this message on it actually.

At those prices, I’m glad I didn’t wait and purchased from the US for an extra $25~ including shipping.

Michael Kerr

Kogan are selling the 16GB Wifi for $339 and the 32GB Wifi for $389 so these prices look good to me. I’ve ordered the LTE model


I will still wait for Google Play to announce the price or some local retailers in Melbourne and compare the prices.


You can get them from dmavo starting at $330 and ship from Sydney too.

Joshua Hill

That’s for the 16gb and they want $400 AU for the 32gb. Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.


@disqus_Die1pYbkGd:disqus Hi Josh, we started to deliver those units last week. PLE will get their first stock in 3-4 weeks time for delivery at a later stage. Considering that you also ignored PLE’s delivery charges (where our delivery is FREE), our offer is currently the best one can get from an OZ retailer. Not to mention that we are the only ones who offer a Tax Invoice (many customers want to salary sacrifice their purchase and many businesses will not buy from suppliers who cannot offer such an invoice, ie. our price becomes 10% cheaper by way of GST credits).… Read more »

Joshua Hill

As someone else pointed out here individuals don’t pay GST on imports under $1000 which means there are better deals elsewhere for this scenario which is mostly what these two articles were about.

Joshua Hill

P.S. where did I ignore the delivery charges? Don’t go accusing me of things I haven’t said or done. Given how aggressive and rude you were in the other article I linked I’m not suprised at your false allegations.


I’m hoping the pricing would fit around the $279/$329/$399 bracket when Google finally announces it here. PLE is just round my neighbourhood, though I’ll probably wait till end of the month anyway.

Terrence Chin

So is this confirmation that it’ll work on Australian LTE bands?

Daniel Tyson

There is a European model and US Model for the LTE Nexus 7, the European version includes support for Band 3 LTE(1800MHz)


Well the dollar is like 90 cents now right? So whats that about AUD$277 with GST for the 16GB Wifi.

vijay alapati

$70 more on the 16gb wifi 0_o compared to US 🙁

James Finnigan

Remember that the US price doesn’t include tax though. And the ‘screw over Australia’ fee.


We live on treasure island! Everything here is more expensive 🙁