We’ve had a number of new entrants to the ChromeOS device market this year, beginning with HP earlier this year as well as Asus and Toshiba who recently announced new devices but a set of new Australian Trademark filings could point to three new ChromeOS devices from LG.

TMWatch has noted that three new trademarks that were submitted to IP Australia for approval – ChromeOne(1585957), ChromeStation(1585958) and ChromeDesk(1585959). The trademarks – which were submitted a week ago – have been ‘Taken for Examination’, with no further documentation – such as designs or logos – submitted the next step would be the successful registration of the names.

The names submitted appear to be intended for devices that are classified as ‘Class 9’ devices which covers devices in a fairly large range of LG’s core business of consumer electronics :

Projectors; head phones; mobile phones; television receivers; speakers for television; universal serial bus (USB) drives; monitors for computers; laptop computers; computers; digital versatile disc (DVD) players; portable hard disk drives for computer; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; computer application software; audio receivers; settop boxes; car speakers; speakers for home theaters; audio-video (AV) receivers for home theaters; convertible computers; tablet computers

What the actual products will be remains a mystery, we can make suppositions based on the submitted names alone – ChromeDesk, ChromeOne and ChromeStation could point towards some manner of desk based products – perhaps a Chromebox and maybe an all-in-one device such as posited by the Reckoner team of an iMac like all-in-one PC.

LG has also been releasing GoogleTV enabled televisions in overseas markets, but with changes to the GoogleTV brand hinted at with the product seen to be transitioning to a more Android focused product, LG could possibly be looking to capitalise on the popularity of recently released ChromeCast option and release a product compatible with this standard.

LG has in the last year and a half begun to found great success with Google based products, specifically Android in both their own line of Android phones as well as partnering with Google on last years Nexus 4 and is strongly rumoured to be the manufacturer behind the upcoming Nexus 5 which is expected to be announced in the very near future.

When we will see anything from LG that is related to these trademark filings is anyones guess with companies sometimes registering trademarks that are never used. With the build quality of devices like the Nexus 4, and LG G2, ChromeOS devices from the Korean giant would certainly be a welcome addition to the rapidly growing ChromeOS device market.

Source: TMWatch.
Via: Reckoner.
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