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BlackBerry Messenger
After putting their initial rollout of Blackberry Messenger for Android(and iOS) on hold a little under a month ago after experiencing issues with demand, Blackberry has this morning that they are resuming the rollout of their messaging system.

The App which is available to download to your Android device right now in Google Play will still not let you actually use it.

During their failed initial rollout, Blackberry advised that about a million Android users signed up for BMM in a seven hour period using the unreleased APK that found its way into the wild – a prime cause of halting the rollout according to their original blog post – and a further one million iOS users ‘side loaded’ the iOS app onto their iPhone. So as part of this re-newed rollout, Blackberry advised that they are going to be managing demand much more rigidly for this second rollout :

To help manage this unprecedented pent up demand for BBM, we are implementing a simple line-up system to ensure a smooth roll out.

The BBM app, once downloaded to your phone will ask you for your email address that you would like to associate with your BBM login. Once that’s sent you will then have to wait for confirmation from Blackberry that you’ve reached the head of the queue.

Users who signed up for Blackberry Messenger at BBM.com will apparently not have to wait, but for anyone else – I’ve been waiting since 5:30am -it’s not going to be an instant process, but they may speed things up if their server farm can handle the load.

Some things to note when you’re looking at using BBM :

  • BBM runs on a one ID per device policy, which means you can’t have multiple devices signed in on the same BBM ID.
  • BBM Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Not compatible with Tablet devices, no, not even the Nexus 7

Blackberry has kindly setup a playlist of YouTube videos that show you how to do things such as Creating and Managing Groups, Know when your messages have been delivered and read, Multi-Person Chats, How to Share Pictures and more… and last but not least : How to Add a Contact by PIN… really Blackberry? PIN? What century is this?

The launch of BBM has been overshadowed by a number of things, firstly the initial failed rollout and secondly how late BBM are to the instant messaging party. Is what BBM has to offer worth the wait? Sign up…..wait….and then see for yourself.


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    vijay alapati

    installed and got the email and code, activated and realised i have no contacts using BBM. may be none of my friends using BBM or BB πŸ™


    “Item not found” when clicking on the Store link from the news. It’s been removed AGAIN???


    It’s back πŸ™‚

    Darren Ferguson

    Surely you can sideload onto your tablet.


    Has Blackberry also denied tablet access to iObject users?
    If so they they have just committed corporate suicide by denying tablet access to almost the entire tablet user base globally, and locking the app to one ID per device.
    Who wants to play Taps for Blackberry’s demise?


    They’re going to be bought up by the end of next year. I’d bet $50 on it πŸ˜€




    No thanks.. I’m keen to see what Google do with hangouts.

    vijay alapati

    +1 πŸ™‚