Yet another tempting deal for the holidays! If you weren’t already considering giving the gift of a Google Nexus 7, perhaps you should be!

Today word reaches us from friend-of-the-site Michael Faro-Tusino that Officeworks is undercutting the Google Play RRP of $339 by a significant amount – you’ll pick up a 32 GB model for just $288 – a saving of $49, cheaper even than the 16 GB model.

This price also undercuts Google’s other preferred retailers – Harvey Norman will currently sell you the same Nexus 7 for $318, and JB HiFi who have the tablet priced at $327.

If you’ve held off pulling the trigger on a brand new Nexus 7, now might be a good time to place that order!

Source: Officeworks.
Thanks: Michael Faro-Tusino.
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I got mine from OW for $270 (32gb), about 2 months ago. They were good enough to price match a one day sale price from DSE that I had missed.


I got mine from OW just a week or so ago. The Good Guys had it for $288 with a Logitech speaker but they were only available in store and none had stock in my area. They charge $2 shipping so I called OW and got it price matched and they beat it by 5%. I ended up getting it for $275.50 from OW with same day delivery!

It’s my first tablet, really loving it! It’s now completely noticeable how old my SGS2 is.


I should mention that OW had it for $328 at the time which is why I was able to price match and get 5% off!

Everyone was probably taking advantage of this which is why it didn’t take long for OW to match The Good Guys


Terrible Deal: Official Folio case for over $60!!

Peter Massey

I’m really tempted to upgrade from the 2012 model. I suffer really badly from stuttering and lag and it’s driving me nuts to the point I don’t even use it sometimes.


Are you running KitKat yet? I’m keen to learn whether the inclusion of TRIM has breather any fresh life into the 2012 model.

Peter Massey

Yeah, it’s running 4.4.2 on it. I was running CM10.2 but switched to stock + Xposed when it was released.

It definitely has made it run much better but still get the odd lag. Not sure if it’s something I have running in background or maybe something faulty in the unit but still get the weird micro-stutters. Very frustrating, esp switching between N5 and N7/12.

Adam Sacco

If anyone’s on the fence I say go for it. Got mine from Kogan at launch and it’s a fantastic device.


I paid $300 for mine from JB’s a couple of months ago and I thought that was a great price. Goes without saying, it’s an awesome tablet; can’t recommended it highly enough.