Owners of the Nexus 9 still waiting for the tablet to get an update from the 5.0.1 it’s been sitting on for months to the brand new 5.1.1 don’t have long to wait according to a Senior Program Manager for Android.

In response to a Nexus 9 owner commenting on the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge receiving Android 5.1 on T-Mobile ahead of his Nexus 9, Senior Program Manager for Android, Sascha Prüter advised ‘N9 OTAs aren’t far out’.

Now that’s not a guarantee, because he went on further to advise :
‘I don’t know the timeline (because I’m not directly working on the N9) so saying anything would be speculative and not helpful at all. The team is battling with some last minute bugs and once these are addressed we will roll the update out as fast as possible’.

What bugs they are dealing with isn’t really clear, but given the Nexus 9 runs a 64-bit Nvidia processor, and Nvidia has a history of being a little ‘difficult’ with support for Nexus devices using their chipset, it’s possible this is the issue.

It’s still no exact time-frame, but we should see the OTA’s rolling out shortly – and we’ll be sure to post a link to the OTA when it does.

Source: G+.
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This update can’t come quick enough. Not good enough from Google really – A point update for a Nexus device less than a year old is taking longer than the update for the Nexus 4- and the SGS6 at this rate! So much for buying a Nexus and getting the latest version!