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Rubbing salt into the wounds of Nexus 9 owners after offering them a paltry update to Android 5.0.2, is Google posting the Android 5.0.2 (Build LRX22L) factory images for the LTE and Wi-Fi models of the Nexus 9. The images – and the associated binaries – are now available to download and flash to your Nexus 9.

The updates are available to download now, with the Nexus 9 LTE factory image weighing in at 835MB, while the Nexus 9 Wi-Fi factory image weighs in at a trim 805MB sans all those pesky LTE radio files that you don’t need.

Head over to the Google Nexus Factory Images download page to grab your update.

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vijay alapati

does it has any thing to do with NVIDIATegra K1 64 bit mobile processor 0_o

Daniel Tyson

Very likely. They’ve had issues with Nvidia and source etc previously


google’s choice to use the SOC though


Pretty sure this is a first for Google. Can’t ever recall them releasing a timely update for a tablet with mobile data. It’s normally months later.


This is sending mixed signals about the stability and quality of Android 5. Whilst I like the new OS this mess of different versions for different devices even within their own Nexus range is quite disgusting.
I am sure Google will sort it out but a big shakeup is required because this is fast becoming a public relations nightmare.


Its a joke really, Google can’t even keep its 6 nexus devices updated (3 tablets, 3 phones). So how the hell can they demand that OEM’s keep the devices updated? They sell?

Lead by example….. Clearly not!


2 different Nexus 7s plus a Nexus 9 and Nexus 10. 7 different tablet skus incl the mobile versions which get different images to their WiFi counterparts.

But I agree that Google aren’t doing an acceptable job keeping them updated. Not to mention the discraceful bugs in Lollipop. I just moved my daughter’s Nexus 5 back to Kit Kat to stop the random reboots and bootloops!