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Xperia Marshmallow
Sony Xperia owners in Australia are about to finally get a taste of that gooey Android Marshmallow goodness, with both Telstra and Vodafone setting scheduled release dates for the OTA rollout to start hitting devices.

Vodafone is first out of the blocks, though they only carry the Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z5 – no Compact models here – the rollout of Android M is approved and will start hitting the phones from the 13th of next month according to the Vodafone software update blog.

Voda - Sony - Android M

Not far behind is Australia’s largest carrier who will roll out the Android M update for the Xperia Z2, Z2 Compact, Z3 and Z3 Compact on the 25th of July. The Xperia Z4 Tablet, as well as the Xperia Z5 and the Xperia Z5 Compact will be getting their Marshmallow update soon, but a scheduled start date has not yet been advised.

Optus owners? Well, unfortunately Optus has not really done much with their website – it’s not listing any updates in testing for any of the models.

Sony began rolling out Marshmallow for their Xperia Z series devices in March with further Marshmallow updates expected for the Xperia M5, Xperia C5 Ultra, Xperia M4 Aqua and Xperia C4 at some stage.

If you have a Sony device, you should be getting some Marshmallow goodness, which includes all the great features we’ve come to know and love, like Google Now On Tap, Doze and an improved Material Design update next month. Keep an eye out for the notification on your phone.

Source: VodafoneTelstraOptus.
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Catherine Edwards

As Telstra customers, we’ve been left in limbo for months when it comes to Z4 and Z5 devices receiving Marshmallow OTA.

As customers, how can we get what we are entitled to (i.e. security updates exclusively present in Marshmallow) without being palmed off between Sony and Telstra?


Oh wow, the Z2 Compact! Even phones that were never released getting Marshmallow. That’s dedication. No wonder the update took so long they must’ve been busy making the Z2 Compact to receive this update.

Jason Beaven

And no news from Virgin Mobile.


Wow, glad I didn’t get one of the carrier branded models!


Do the unlocked models have Marshmallow yet? In the past, I’ve gotten Lollipop (Optus model) 3 days after the unlocked phones.

Max Luong

The update came out in late April which, for a flagship, was already unacceptable IMO.

Christian Sakal

Or you could just flash unbranded firmware like I did