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Samsung Galaxy S6 update means its no longer vulnerable to Stagefright

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has received a security update in the last couple of days which resolves the last lingering Stagefright vulnerabilities, significantly increasing the security on the 2015 flagship. The new build – version G920IDVU3DOJ6 – came around via an OTA update, and testing with Zimperium’s Stagefright Detector app  shows …

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Stagefright: Two weeks later

It’s been a little over two weeks since Android’s Stagefright vulnerability came to light. In that time, a number of OEMs have announced or released patches for some of their devices. Zimperium Mobile Security, the company behind the original discovery of the problem released, and then updated, an app to tell …

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Google will begin monthly security updates for Nexus devices starting this week

Starting this week, Nexus devices will begin receiving monthly OTA security updates says Google. The announcement has been made via the Official Android blog, by Lead Engineer for Android Security Adrian Ludwig, and Venkat Rapaka, Director of Nexus Product Management, who point out that Google has been notifying Android manufacturers …

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Android security alert: Stagefright bug affects almost every Android phone, and here’s how you can minimise the risk

If you’ve ever suffered from stage-fright in front of a large audience, you’ll know what a terrifying feeling it can be. It’s perhaps appropriate, then, that Android’s latest vulnerability exists in its media play-back engine, which is known as Stagefright, and the vulnerability is actually pretty terrifying. This vulnerability requires …

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