JSTorrent – Extension Review

Torrents are a great way of downloading files, the Linux community has long embraced Bit Torrent as an excellent way to distribute files through places like linuxtracker.org and there are numerous places to download out of copyright media on the internet. A torrent extension had eluded me in the Chrome Web Store until I stumbled over a Reddit thread which pointed out the existence of JSTorrent. Once Installed the client actually works really well, albeit with some modifications to the way you normally get torrents. I tried downloading the .torrent file and then dragging the file onto the... Continue reading

Review: Google Music

After many years of whining, crying, stamping our feet and generally yelling at Google in frustration, the search giant has finally brought its Google Music service to Australia. The question now is: was it worth the wait? We want you to be able to make up your own mind. First we’ll look at the features of the service for new users, and how people with a large collection of music files collected from their own CD’s or from other services might benefit from the switch. Then we’ll look at how you can listen to your collection on other Android devices,... Continue reading

HTC One — Review

It's crunch time for HTC. After a disastrous 2011 in which they released a boatload of devices that were pretty much the same phone but a bit less dodgy, they decided to focus on one 'hero device' that would carry their brand. That device was the HTC One X, and to HTC's credit it was actually a very good phone - better, some would say, than the Galaxy S3. Unfortunately for HTC though, a combination of a tarnished brand image from the previous year, an underwhelming marketing campaign and HTC's baffling decision to then muddy their own waters with the... Continue reading

Game Review: The Room

Ever since I purchased the Humble Mobile Bundle, I have been slightly obsessed with one game in particular: The Room. The Room is your typical point and click cryptic puzzle game that most people have probably played before. This isn't a new formula. Find hidden objects, use those objects and solve puzzles to unlock more items and secret areas. The story that unfolds as you progress through the game and this story is delivered through a series of notes hidden throughout the game. While these notes don't actually help you solve the puzzles they help to keep you engaged in the... Continue reading

Acer C7 Chromebook — Review

Welcome to Chrome OS, the new wave in connectivity and working in the Cloud. Ausdroid primarily focuses on Android related news but when the latest range of Google devices, the Chromebook started to emerge -- given the tight integration of Google services and the operating system -- we had to take a look. Geoff Fieldew reviewed the first Samsung Chromebook in December, now the Acer C7 has become available through JB Hifi and Harvey Norman we have the opportunity to see the latest in the Chromebook family. Chrome OS is an evolution of the Chrome web browser and... Continue reading

LG Optimus G — Review

Is the Optimus G just the Nexus 4 with LTE, or something better? LG has struggled in the last few years with their smartphone attempts, but since the release of the L Series as pre-paid offerings, they've begun to show signs of life in the Australian market. Last year they took the number two pre-paid manufacturer spot, showing a strong intention to reign supreme in the Australian market. The Australian launch of the Optimus G as a post-paid (on-contract) device on the Telstra 4G network marks their return as a premium quality, high end brand in... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR M — Jelly Bean Update — OS Review

From the moment I finished watching the Livestream of the RAZR M launch I knew I wanted to get my hands on this phone. I loved the idea of a smaller, more manageable size phone with a display that was still big enough for my man-sized fingertips. The 3.5in display on my 4th Gen iPod is genuinely difficult for me to manage. My Nexus S at 4.0in was even a bit small, especially with typing. Having owned a Galaxy S II, I knew that a 4.3in display would be my ideal minimum. After only a few days it became obvious... Continue reading

Game Review: Solar 2

Of all of the games in the Humble Bundle 5, Solar 2 is the one that has really caught my attention, with the exception of Sword and Sworcery EP which was recently added and which I had already purchased through the Play Store. Solar 2 has been developed by "Murudai" aka Jay Watts who is an Australian developer. Solar 2 has been around for quite a while on PC and has recently made it debut on Android. This game has been developed by just one person as seen on the Solar 2 website. Solar 2 was developed... Continue reading

LG Optimus L9 — Review

The Biggest, Shiniest L-Series Phone Yet. The L-Series was first introduced at Mobile World Congress last year where LG showed off the Optimus L3, L5 and L7. Fast forward to August last year when LG announced that the L9 would be arriving to join the already successful L-Series phone range that had been launched earlier that month. The L-Series phones have been majorly successful, selling mostly as low-end pre-paid devices with the exception of the L7 which was made available on Optus plans through All Phones outlets. The L9 was a slightly higher end model than the previous top of the... Continue reading

Yatango Mobile — Review

New kids on the telco block Yatango Mobile are set to make a splash in the market by “harnessing the power of social media”. I know it sounds cliché and in some aspects it is, but when we looked deeper into the offering it was hard to step back and write them off; there’s some real sense to this business model. To sign up with Yatango you’re required to have a Facebook profile setup and “connect” using it. As a SIM-only virtual operator (i.e. they do not have their own network; they resell the... Continue reading

Video Review: USB Audio Recorder Pro

Android's lack of USB audio support (#5) and high audio latency (#11) have been a couple of the platform's most griped-about and longest-standing issues, starred by 4482 and 2329 users respectively at the time of writing. USB Audio Recorder Pro is an app that represents a significant step toward addressing these issues, as the developers have written a USB audio driver from scratch in order to bypass Android's audio system and allow devices to run in USB host mode. In simple language, that means you can use a USB microphone to record audio straight to your phone... Continue reading

Nexus 10 Smart Cover 360 Rotation Case — Review

The Nexus 10 has been out on the market for just over three months and in that time we have seen precisely zero official accessories made available to owners either by the manufacturer (Samsung), or the seller (Google). Queries to Google regarding accessories are met with silence, so owners such as myself are left to investigate the third party manufacturers. GizmoCentral currently supply the Nexus 10 Smart Cover 360 Rotation Case Stand. The case is made from PU leather (also known as bicast leather) - a split layer of leather with polyurethane applied to the surface... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z — Review

Did Sony bring back the wow, or miss the mark? Ausdroid finds out. Sony Mobile's John Featherstone told an audience of Sydney journalists last week that Sony would 'bring the wow back' with the Xperia Z, after a string of less-than-inspiring mobile products over the last couple of years. "Everybody knows Sony, it's a brand people trust but we need to get the wow back," claims Featherstone. "I believe with Xperia Z using this simplistic type of design and ideology behind it, it really brings the wow back." These are bold claims by Sony, and Ausdroid has put the... Continue reading