Everyone loves a bargain right? Huawei has some bargains to offer leading into the End of Financial year (EOFY) on a number of newly-released hardware items. The specials range from the P40 Pro with its amazing camera, through their new entry-level laptops to the GT2 and GT2e watches.

The discounts are a little varied, but if any of those devices have your interest then get ready. The P40 Pro is $200 off at a variety of sellers, bringing the price down to $1399.00

You’ll save $259 on the D14 and $170 on the D15 laptops, for devices costing $1399 and $1199 at full retail that’s a pretty significant saving. We currently have the MateBook X Pro on the test bench which has delivered quite the first punch with its initial impression.

Finally, the GT2 is down from $499 to $369, an impressive $130 (26% discount) on the full retail cost. The GT2e is listed on the Huawei reconnect website, but if you follow the links to buy one you’ll be met with an out of stock warning. Unfortunately, this doesn’t offer any timeline on when more stock may become available.

If you’re seeking a bargain, check out the reconnect website and have a think about what hardware you might like to pick up cheap.

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I hope no-one is foolhardy enough to look favourably on Huawei’s EOFY begging for sales, here in the West.

Jamie Maclean

P-40… very expensive for a phone without Google access.


It’s priced $1,600 AUD above what its price should be.