This time of year with Thanksgiving in the USA, we get a lot of Black Friday bargains made available to us. We’ve already looked at some carrier options, Amazon and Ring, Google’s goodies and a handful of others: But they keep coming!

In October we saw the launch of the GoPro Hero 10 Black, an outstanding leap forward in usability and capability for the GoPro name. The stabilisation is now at a level where you don’t need a gimbal, and the video quality is phenomenal, particularly for a camera so small. One of the biggest barriers to entry for many is the price, but for a short time — till 6th December — you can pick up a GoPro Hero 10 Black for $599.95 without subscription or $529.95 with one: Savings of $390 and $290 respectively.

DIY Home Security

Sticking with the theme of cameras, there are some reasonable savings to be had on both Swann and Arlo DIY Security Cameras. Both brands have a broad range of cameras for indoor and outdoor use, as well as spotlight options for safety on entry to your home at night.

Arlo discounts are applied to the Arlo Ultra 2, Arlo Pro 4 and the Arlo Essential indoor cameras with savings between $20 and $280 available. Our experiences with Arlo have been overwhelmingly positive: Easy to set up, quality images and a great user experience.

If a DVR or NVR system is more to your needs right now, then perhaps the Swann specials will suit. There are 4, 6 and 8 camera systems on special for savings of up to $440 on the bundle.

Audio and Wearables

Audio is a very personal decision for many reasons, including fit, sound balance and of course, budget. Among these variables it’s easy to overlook the likes of Huawei for better known audio brands like Sony, Sennheiser and Bose. But when we reviewed the Freebuds Studio they really impressed, with a price drop of $200 down to $299 they’re not just a good option they’re one of the best for the price.

When it comes to wearables, many users are still looking for a truly great watch. Having tried many and liked a few, I can honestly say that the Hauwei Watch GT2 Pro is among the elite wearables when it comes to features. The main issues are the lack of integration into popular platforms and the price. If you’re starting a fresh fitness journey the first is no matter, but the price can still be a barrier: For now though, it’s been discoutned by $150 down to $349.00

Stay home and stream

If all of that is a bit too much for you and you just want a bit of peace to watch your favourite streams, then a 25% discount on a lifetime Plex pass is suited. Normally running at US$119.99 it’s down to US$89.99 until the 29th of November just use the code: LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT at checkout.

There’s so much on offer during Black Friday sales, if you’ve found an irresistible sale: Share it with us in the comments below.

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Phil, I disagree with your opinion on the Huawei smartwatch, because without integration with the mainstream Android platform, there is no non-Huawei path going forwards when it comes time for upgrade/replacement. With the Huawei smartwatch, once that time comes around, you and your data are firmly locked into a technological walled garden.


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