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NBN - National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network is how most Australians will connect to the Internet going forward.

To help you on your journey to connecting to the NBN and making the most out of your connection, we’ve got exclusive content on the best plans, best alternatives, connection guides and more.

NBN to continue with boosted bandwidth to providers until November 2020

Earlier in the year, NBN Co announced that they would expand Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity by 40% during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was -- in the short term -- a response to the increased pressure on infrastructure...

HFC is shaping up as a nightmare for NBN and for customers alike

Launtel boss Damian Ivereigh has savaged NBN's hybrid-fibre coax access technology (more commonly just called HFC), calling it the network's single most unreliable product. That savagery is not without cause. While most people know that NBN's Fibre to the Node...

ICYMI: Aussie Broadband is offering unlimited daytime data during lockdown for data limited NBN...

It's very easy to use a lot of data, but it becomes even easier when you're looking at weeks and months at home. Aussie Broadband has realised this and, during lockdowns, is offering users unlimited daytime data. The offer...

Optus is now offering a NBN WiFi modem with 4G backup

Something interesting popped up on my Facebook feed last night, as it seems Optus is now offering an NBN Modem that will back up to its 4G network when the main NBN network goes down. This new plan -...

For those continuing with NBN Technology Choice, installations are moving quickly

After an announcement in September that many NBN customers will likely receive a free (or significantly discounted) upgrade to full fibre to the home in coming years, one could only expect that a number of Technology Choice applicants would...

Aussie Broadband announces its first half-year results to the Australian Stock Exchange

Aussie Broadband debuted on the Australian Stock Exchange last year, and has today published its first half-yearly results report as a publicly traded company. The highlight is having achieved revenue of $157.4m (which was around its forecast figure in the...

Ookla Speedtest data reveals connectivity speeds for Aussies, their devices and ISP performance

It's always interesting to look at Speedtest data sets knowing that there are so many factors involved. In the latest Global Index from Speedtest, we're seeing some interesting data and trends continue. Australia's connection speeds across mobile and fixed broadband...

My Frankenstein network became functional infrastructure improving NBN and internal connectivity

I’ve been in my house with my wife for about 15 years now and life has changed a lot in that time. When we first got ADSL2, we had Ethernet cables running down the hallway into the living area...

Weekend Warrior: Telstra makes traffic optimisation for gaming really simple

If you're heavily into gaming there's a good chance you understand the concepts of lag and how it's better to use local servers than those overseas, but not everyone does. Equally, there's plenty of ways you can optimise your home...

Amazon’s Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system could supercharge your NBN connection

If you're updating your router or have your first Internet connection going in, you're probably evaluating whether to go with a router or mesh option. Once you've made that decision, you'll be delving into the myriad of brands...

Australian Communications Minister asks YouTube, Netflix and Stan to reduce streaming video quality

We previously reported that Netflix has agreed to reduce streaming quality to Europe and now it seems Australia may follow. The drastic measures come as the Corona Virus pandemic continues to rapidly escalate in Australia. One of the side...

Optus aims to increase revenue with new 5G home broadband plans $90 or $75

Optus is about to launch two new 5G Home Broadband unlimited data internet plans allowing users the choice of $75/month for speeds capped at max 100Mbps or $90/month for uncapped speed including Optus Sport and a Fetch Mighty box...

Why I switched from Aussie Broadband NBN to Future Broadband Performance NBN

We moved house a few weeks ago and I chose Future Broadband Performance NBN because it has a unique service offering, and also Aussie Broadband prices have risen substantially recently. Don't get me wrong, Aussie Broadband is a great NBN...

NBN Fibre expansion continues to roll out, will you get the upgrade?

The mixed delivery system of the NBN is something resembling a hot mess, but the extension of Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is slowly resolving this. In a fresh announcement, NBN Co...

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