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NBN - National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network is how most Australians will connect to the Internet going forward.

To help you on your journey to connecting to the NBN and making the most out of your connection, we’ve got exclusive content on the best plans, best alternatives, connection guides and more.

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Signing up to an NBN plan: What do all the numbers and inclusions mean?

If you've been following our NBN journey, we've been through the different NBN connection types and what they mean for you as a customer. Unfortunately, you don't get much choice in what technology is used to connect your household...

I leapt onto Leaptel and I’m happy I did

I stuck with my NBN provider for a long time, not specifically out of loyalty or the perception that it was the best value for me but for the convenience of not worrying about the hassle of changing. After a...

Waiting for an NBN upgrade? FTTN users stuck in the slow lane while FTTC...

NBN Co's latest corporate plan shows the national broadband network operator is serious about improving service speeds for Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) customers, however FTTN customers will be left behind. Released Friday, the 2020-23...

Australia’s NBN now reaches 10 million homes .. mostly with last century technology

This week the government-owned NBNCo announced that Australia's National Broadband Network had passed 10 million homes, with those properties now able to connect to the national network. With just one year until the network build is scheduled to be...

NBN Co replacing 10,000 FTTC modems after damage by lightning in NSW’s Blue Mountains...

There's been a growing chorus of NBN users reporting that their NBN modems have been damaged during lightning events, such that NBN Co has now agreed to replace some 10,000 Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) modems in New South...

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