+ Saturday August 24th, 2019

News and Editorial

The ACCC wants Google to implement a search ballot on Australian Android devices within 6 months

Late last month, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) handed down it’s final ‘Digital platforms Inquiry’ report. We’re still pawing through the 600-odd pages of the report to get a full understanding of the 23 recommendation the protection agency has outlined. From the 23 recommendations one thing jumped out …

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Australia’s NBN now reaches 10 million homes .. mostly with last century technology

This week the government-owned NBNCo announced that Australia’s National Broadband Network had passed 10 million homes, with those properties now able to connect to the national network. With just one year until the network build is scheduled to be completed, there’s 1.6 million homes to go. The network, which began …

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Huawei’s Watch GT Active and Elegant are coming to Australia in late August at $399

The wearables industry moves at a different pace to smartphones. Where we see annual (and sub-annual) updates of smartphone devices, sometimes we’ve gone longer between generations of wearables. That’s starting to change though, with Qualcomm bringing new wearable chipsets to market faster and companies bringing their own software and hardware …

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