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Thursday, June 20, 2024

HTC Wildfire — Review

The last twelve months has seen a real explosion of Android devices hitting the Australian market, and this has been especially true for Telstra - not five months ago they bought (in my opinion) the second best ever Android...

Galaxy S plan comparisons

Now that the Galaxy S is available on all the major networks, we thought we'd bring together all the cheapest/best plans for each carrier and compare them against each other, to see which plan would better suit your needs,...

Millennius Apanda A60 — Review

I won't lie, I've been pretty darn excited about the Millennius Apanda from the moment I first read about it. Why? Because I liked the idea of seeing an Aussie company bring an Android Device to the market, something...

We’re hands on with the Millennius Apanda A60

Our Apanda A60 review unit has just arrived and we're going to be spending the week putting it through its paces. But we'd also love to hear all your questions so we can get around to answering them for...

Gaming on Android

Gaming is certainly starting to pickup on android with developers such as EA Mobile, Gameloft making some awesome titles. Couple this with the TV-Out capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S, and you've got some fun on your hands. Hit...

Dell Streak — Review

The Dell Streak, I have been looking forward to trying out this little beauty, and I know a lot of you have been eager to read a review of it. I am extremely impressed with the device and everyone...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro — Review

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro is a step up from it's twin brother, the X10 Mini. The only main differences between the Mini Pro and the Mini is that the Mini Pro packs a full physical QWERTY keyboard...

HTC Desire vs. Samsung Galaxy S

The HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S are the two best Android Devices out on the market at the moment, so we decided to put them up against each other to give you an idea of which is better...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini — Review

So what do you do when you make a pretty darn' successful smart phone? You shrink it down to the point where it's nearly not usable so small you could lose it in your pocket if it weren't for...

LG Optimus — Review

The start of July saw the launch of the LG Optimus exclusively on Telstra, and now we've finally had the chance to have some hands on time with it. Despite previous "ill mannered" comments about the device, I can...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro – Initial thoughts

Editor: This is a guest piece from beatonl, as I don't have my hands on an X10 Mini Pro yet, I thought you'd like to hear first hand from a person that has one. Enjoy. I got my X10 mini...

Samsung Galaxy S — Q&A

My favourite part of the phone review, answering all your questions! I sent a message out through Twitter a few days ago asking you guys if you had any questions you wanted answered about the phone, and I've done...

Samsung Galaxy S — Review

So I currently have my hands on a little device that goes by the name of "Galaxy S". Now, this phone isn't big news, besides the fact it's one of the best phones that has made it's way to...

Accessories for the HTC Desire

So I received a few accessories for my HTC Desire in the mail thanks to Mr Gadget. I have never been a big fan of accessories, as I have never felt the need for them, things have changed. From...

Review: Generic HTC Desire ROM on Telstra Desire

So you own a HTC Desire from Telstra and you want to remove those, dare I say, stupid BigPond applications? Well I have the answer for the Android/Tech savvy, Root your Desire! Now, let's keep that in context. "Rooting"...

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