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Droid Pro — Review

Although the Droid Pro may never be released by a carrier here, we thought it would be cool to one from the guys at MobiCity and put it through its paces, as I liked the look of the form...

Mini Review: Sony Ericsson LiveView

After Buzz and I met with James from Sony Ericsson last week, I got all excited about the LiveView. Basically it's a tiny little device - about the size of a 50c coin (although it's a good deal thicker...

Motorola Milestone 2 — Review

The Milestone 2 is of course the successor to the original Motorola Milestone, that really wasn't all that successful in Australia due to its late launch. The Milestone 2 hasn't really changed in terms of how it looks, however...

Gingerbread: In a few screenshots

A few of you on Twitter asked me what Gingerbread is like and if I can upload some screenshots. And I have done that, so hit the break for the full series of screenshots. As for what I think of...

What’s happening in December.. Besides Christmas

So we've made our way to the last month of 2010, December. Overall I think it's been a great year for Android in this country, a few exclusives here and there as well as a few secret launches throw...

HTC Desire HD follow up thoughts

With the Desire HD on its short voyage back to MobiCity headquarters, I thought I would just write a quick follow-up post to the review to share my final views on the device. Certainly after using it for over...

Desire Z, it’s all touchy, but it has a keyboard! — Review

Tuesday morning I received a courier parcel from Mobicity - the new HTC Desire Z had arrived, ready to be reviewed. The Desire Z comes in the usual packaging for HTC's mobile fare, and it lists an impressive set of...

HTC Desire HD, the Desire all grown up — Review

The original HTC Desire launched way back in April on Telstra and was the flagship Android device for both them and for the Australian Android market in general. 6 months on and it's time for a new flagship HTC...

Millennius SmartQ — Review

The Tablet race has just begun here in Oz, with the high-end being taking up mainly by the iPad & Galaxy Tab and the low-end being filled with heaps of cheap Tablets such as the Telstra T-Touch Tab,...

We’re hands on with the Millennius SmartQ & HTC Desire HD

Note: For all new readers, these posts go up so you guys can ask us questions about the device before the review goes up. Hope we cleared that up.. G'day guys, today feels like Christmas for us with the arrival...
Huawei IDEOS side profile

Huawei IDEOS – Review

Huawei is a name that many consumers in the Australian market won't recognise. In an entirely unscientific test, I asked a few friends - some nerds, some not - whether they'd heard this name and they just looked at...

Huawei IDEOS — Sneak peak review

While the full review is a little way off, here's a sneak peak of what's in store. The IDEOS is a diminutive 3G/HSDPA-capable Android 2.2-powered handset with similar form factor to the HTC Wildfire. It's small, easily fits in the hand - and while it might lack some of the hardware polish of a more 'name-brand' device, the IDEOS - as you will soon see - holds its own, especially considering the bargain-basement price of $159 outright on the Crazy John's network. It's quick, snappy, functional, and importantly, performs well as a mobile phone as well as a mobile data device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab — Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a sight for sore eyes amongst the truck-load of cheap & dodgey Android Tablets that haven become available over the recent months. Samsung have worked exceptionally hard to get Android 2.2, along with TouchWiz,...

Angry Birds Full Preview for Android

Hey guys, Just got a quick preview video here of angry birds, got a hold of a copy from Rovio mobile to do a quick review on the full version coming out for android (hoorah!) As you can see...

HTC Wildfire: A postscript

Ten days ago, I reviewed the HTC Wildfire for Android Australia. I've kept the phone for the intervening period to really push some of the features that had bothered me in the initial review to flesh out my opinion on...

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