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Lenovo to bring 12 new Moto Mods in 2017

For anyone who wants to know I think that Moto Mods are possibly the most innovative thing to arrive on smarthpones for several years. There are so many posibilities and the implementation "just...

Moto G5 and G5 Plus full specs and images leak out before MWC launch

With the Moto press event at MWC just over a week away Lenovo almost made it without pretty much their entire device leaking out. Unfortunately, for them, a retail partner jumped the gun and...

Motorola and Indiegogo announce their “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” finalists

Last year Lenovo/Motorola announced their hackathons for enterprising, independent individuals and groups to develop new Moto Mods. At the same time they also announced a partnership with Indiegogo to encourage the community to...

Moto G5 Plus Image Leaks, Revealing Specs

The Moto G4 Plus was a hit with Chris when he reviewed it mid-2016. He thought it was well designed and performed at a high level without compromising on price. OF course following...

Motorola Share Updates On Their Moto Mod Hackathons

LG have apparently given up on their "Friends" concept for the short-lived modular phone, the G5. For Lenovo and Motorola though their modular concept seems to be gaining steam, and rightfully so. ...

Nougat update for Moto Z phones and Moto G4 Plus starts rolling out this...

Motorola, or rather Lenovo now, are beginning their Nougat push starting this week with the Moto Z and Moto Z Play as well as the Moto G4 Plus. The update is beginning to push...

Moto G5 stops by the FCC, ahead of likely unveiling at MWC 2017

With previous leaks on the topic of Moto's next G-series phone, including what could be the Moto G5 Plus above, we're almost certain to see Moto revealing something at MWC in a few weeks. With the details from a new FCC filing, we know just a little bit more about what that is.

Back To School Phones For Your Kids

You may remember this post from prior to Christmas where it was aimed at what phone you should buy your Mum. With school starting back in the next few weeks we thought it...

Lenovo’s Moto MWC event is confirmed for February 26

With CES barely in our rearview mirror, it seems Lenovo/ Moto are wasting no time in lining up the press for their announcement at MWC. Thanks to some US sites we're getting an early...

Press render of the Moto G5 surfaces; appears to confirm previous leaks

A posting on the Chinese social media network Weibo has shown off what is apparently a press render of Lenovo's upcoming Moto G5 Plus handset, thought to be launching in the first quarter of...

Moto G5 Plus prototype up for sale, full specs and images in tow

It seems that the leaked renders of a 2017 Moto X may have in fact been the Moto G5 Plus. According to an individual selling an almost identical device online in Romania, they claim...

Lenovo’s Moto Z and its modules proves the modular concept actually works

The modular concept for mobiles had a bit of a shaky start; while we liked the idea of LG's Friends for the G5, the execution just wasn't quite right, and the concept kind of...

Motorola Reveals Details For The Latest Moto Mods

Motorola are "all in" on their Moto Mods and their usefulness seems to have no end in sight. Not only are Motorola hosting "hackathons' encouraging people to invent new Moto Mod ideas but...

Lenovo plans to release Moto Mods by the dozen

I think it would be fair to say that the success of Lenovo's Moto strategy relies heavily on the range, availability and price of the Mods. What we've seen thus far impressed Scott during...

Rumour: New Moto prototype spotted by Mr Blurrycam

It's been a while since we've had a good leak or rumour, and I'm not sure that's a bad thing. However, some recent images of a new Moto phone scheduled for 2017 definitely look compelling,...

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