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Samsung have no plans to bring the Galaxy S Pro to Oz

Ignore my bad Photoshop skills, because we have more important matters to discuss! EDIT: APCmag previously reported this, not sure how I missed it. O.o Neerav Bhatt, professional blogger & freelance journalist, has told us...

Optus to lower Galaxy S to $0 on $49 cap

There is a lot of competition in the market at the moment, and Optus are continuing to push prices down. On Monday they are going to lower the Galaxy S to $0 on their...

Virgin dive into Android – Take on both Galaxy S & X10 Mini Pro

When Lucas from Techanist told you to 'watch this space' when it came to Android on Virgin Mobile, he meant it. He has said that both the Galaxy S and X10 Mini Pro are...

Samsung Galaxy S — Q&A

My favourite part of the phone review, answering all your questions! I sent a message out through Twitter a few days ago asking you guys if you had any questions you wanted answered about...

Samsung Galaxy S — Review

So I currently have my hands on a little device that goes by the name of "Galaxy S". Now, this phone isn't big news, besides the fact it's one of the best phones that...

Galaxy S will be $0 on $59 ‘yes’ Social Cap [Official]

Optus have finally posted up their press release for the Samsung Galaxy S, in it they specify that it will $0 on the $59 'yes' Social Cap: Available for $0 upfront on the Optus’ $59...

Samsung Galaxy S confirmed for July 1st roll-out on Optus

If the above picture from Techanist doesn't confirm (see the "Optus Zoo" & "My Account" apps) the fact Optus will roll-out the Galaxy S from the 1st, maybe Optus's offical word will. Optus have informed...

Samsung Galaxy S to be a 1 month exclusive to Optus from July 1st?

Although this is currently just rumour, I've been told this by multiple sources & from some of you guys. But it seems plausible. What I was told is that the Galaxy S will be available...

Samsung Galaxy S pops up on Allphone as “Coming Soon”

Finally, a sign! The Galaxy S is slowing -- but surely -- making itself known to many of the carriers. This time it's been given the "Coming Soon" by Allphones, which usually means it'll...

Vodafone: HTC Magic out — “Several new Android devices” in

Straight from the Horse's mouth, this one. On Vodafone AU's Facebook Page they have left a comment stating that the HTC Magic is indeed an "End of life" device and is being phased out,...

VHA roadmap to include HTC Legend, Samsung Galaxy S & SE Xperia X10 Mini...

Now a little birdy just informed me of the Android Devices headed to VHA (Voda + Three) in the next few months. And boy, is it a good lineup! The HTC Legend (previously thought going...

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