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Vodafone launches unlimited mobile data plans, no speed limits, for $85 a month

We've all heard about unlimited plans, from back in the early 2000s when unlimited plans didn't really mean unlimited, to the more recent advent in the mobile plan space where unlimited meant as much...

Vodafone invite only 5G Home Internet unlimited data, first month free $64.99/month after

Some customers of TPG Telecom are receiving invites to try Vodafone 5G Unlimited Home Wireless prior to public access of the service as part of an "Early Access Program". If you receive such an invite...

TPG Telecom boosts Vodafone 5G spectrum with a new acquisition

TPG Telecom (the company behind Vodafone in Australia) has announced the acquisition of additional 5G spectrum from Dense Air. This acquisition increases TPG Telecom’s 3.6 GHz spectrum holdings from 60 MHz to 90 MHz...

Telstra and TPG Telecom work together to defrag and restack 1800/2100MHz mobile spectrum

You might have thought that that idea of Telstra and TPG Telecom working together was as likely as dogs and cats becoming friends but it has happened because of a mutually beneficial opportunity. In an...

Greenpeace reveals which Aussie telcos and data centres are switching to renewables fastest

Telecommunications giant Telstra has come out on top in a new report by Greenpeace Australia Pacific that reveals which Australian telcos, data centres and tech companies are ahead in the race to switch to...

felix mobile’s unlimited mobile plans speed up, from 5mbps to 20mbps, still for $35/mo

Mobile plans can be a complicated mess, and let's face it, our lives could all be less complicated. felix mobile is all about making it less complicated, and to that end, they offer precisely...

felix mobile offers $35 “endless data”, will the new brand be lucky for TPG...

TPG Telecom has launched a new sub-brand felix which claims to be Australia's first telco brand powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. felix has been certified as a Carbon Neutral service by the Australian...

Vodafone kills off its Vodafone TV Android TV powered streaming box

It would seem that Vodafone has quietly killed off its Vodafone TV android TV powered streaming device, with links to the page now directing users to the main Vodafone home page. The Vodafone TV streaming...

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