It would seem that Vodafone has quietly killed off its Vodafone TV android TV powered streaming device, with links to the page now directing users to the main Vodafone home page.

The Vodafone TV streaming box was launched back in March 2018 – well over 2 years ago with pricing originally starting at $120, but most recently up until at least a month or so ago available for $72 from Vodafone stores or the Vodafone website.

Vodafone TV was updated to Android TV’s version 9 (Pie) back in February this year, which saw the box have an updated home screen, along with updated security and stability updates and bringing it in line to current Android TV standards available on other TV and streaming devices.

It is unsure with the Vodafone TV streaming device now being discontinued, whether any future updates or patches will be continued to be rolled out, but we will reach out to Vodafone for comment.

It is a little sad to see Vodafone discontinue the box, however given the current launch of the new Chromecast with Google TV, now available for pre-order, it might be worth considering should you be in the market for a cheap and easy streaming device with a remote.

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Mark Anthony

Kayo can be sideloaded. Download the apk here:

Also got Fetch TV app to work with limited usability (have to be a Fetch TV subscriber). A separate app install is needed to fix it to landscape orientation. Using the standard remote, the UI allows you to switch between 4 channels of your choice. A remote with mouse would be needed to access all channels.

Anthony Sullivan

Last security update was at the end of 2019. Still very much love and use my VTV daily.


They destroyed it with the Android 9 release. I’ve had nothing back problems since.
Can’t wait for the Chromecast with GTV to replace it.


the box wasnt good , the Match Frame Rate wasnt available while the cpu of this box support this feature
prime vidoe and kayo sports app still missing

while vodafone gives free prime video for 12 month on sim plans

how come they made a business deal with prime video with sim plans but didnt bother talk to amazon to allow the prime app to be installed on the vodafone tv box ????????

i will replace two vodafone tv i have with the new google tv dongle


I purchased one of these when they first came out. Its a brilliant little android device, and unlike the TelstraTV allows you to install apps, such as Disney.
And unlike the TelstraTV (Its main rival) it plays all media formats via Kodi.

Hopefully, the web pages are redirecting until a newer model is released.

Kunal Gandhi

RIP Vodafone tv. I had it for a good one year and loved the rubber touch on the remotes.


That TV feature would have been more useful had they ever fixed the EPG issue (it only ever pulled Now/Next information rather than the full 7-day EPG) making it near impossible to record on.

Tom Sekulic

Live Channels is actually Google’s app, so, we need Google to update it. A long time ago they promised they would but obviously, they couldn’t be bothered.


For me the compelling feature of the Vodafone TV was the DVB-T decoder enabling free-to-air TV on older TVs lacking MPEG-4 decoders.
It was a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than buying a new TV.