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Google May Have Just Outed the Nexus 5

While all the news this morning has been about the new Google-Nestle partnership for Android version 4.4 being named KitKat a little tidbit "accidentally" released by Google nearly slid under the radar. In a promotional...

Rumour: LG to create the Nexus 5

It's that time of year, we've seen the flagship phones from the larger Android manufacturers and it's nearly a year since the last Nexus was released, so the rumour train for the next Nexus...

LG announces a 2.2mm thin, 5.2″ Full HD Smartphone screen

LG has announced the worlds thinnest Full HD Smartphone LCD, the screen which is 5.2" in size measures in at a only 2.2mm thin with a 2.3mm bezel, making it the worlds slimmest Full...

Rumour: Nexus 5 to be Based on LG G2

Another day, yet another LG Optimus G2 rumour.  This time it comes from Daum, a South Korean website with its finger on the pulse of all things LG. In their post they "confirm" a few...

New info claims LG is already working on the Nexus 5

Will LG be working on the Nexus 5? Who knows. Recent news had LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won denying LG's involvement in the next Nexus handset, which has tentatively been dubbed the Nexus...

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