Telstra SGS III Jelly Bean

Good news for Telstra Samsung Galaxy S III owners as it seems the telco has approved the Android 4.2.2 ‘Jelly Bean Plus’ update.

The update, which is schedule to start hitting devices on a ‘progressive’ rolling out phase is scheduled to start from December 2nd.

HTC One users also have an update which has been approved for a roll out to your device expected to begin November 25th for Android 4.3 which appears to be updating devices to Android 4.3 JellyBean, with the update commencing for some users as early as today. The update too will be a phased rolling out to your device.

However the news isn’t good for Galaxy Note 2 users, as the Jelly Bean 4.3 update has been delayed by Samsung with Telstra now expected to begin testing this version from November 23rd with an expected rollout to begin 23rd December. However this of course is only the expected approval date and is subject to change.

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a HTC One user? Are you happy with updates coming to your device within the next week or so? Are you a Galaxy Note 2 user & disappointed in again waiting for the device to be tested by Telstra?

Source: Telstra CrowdSupport.
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James Leadbeatter

I think it is f#@*ing hilarious how many times I have read an article saying that the samsung galaxy s3 update is coming and guess what no f#@*ing update . Not impressed at all, this will be my last samsung/android phone will be going back to iphone at least they support their older devices ! Big thumbs down! !!!!!!

Nathan Pitts

It’s got nothing to do with Android. A little blame goes to Samsung, but most to the telco’s. Apple gives some older devices updates, yeah, but with no real benefit because you never get any of the new features, and they blame it on the older hardware. You want updates, get a Nexus. Or just flash your own rom. Pick and choose what you want or don’t want pre-loaded and inlcuded in the rom. Like the Samsung camera app, then you can have it. Want to add tethering, (if your carrier charges normally) then you include it. But from Samsung’s… Read more »


The update is downloading on my wifes S3. About time.


Did she get bumped up to 4.2.2 or still on 4.1.2?


The HTC One Telstra 4.3 roll out started yesterday afternoon, catch up with the news Ausdroid.


The update for the HTC One is rolling out now. Downloading at the moment.


I have 4.4 on my Nexus 4. Feels like a brand new phone!




I thought 4.2 for the s3 was being skipped in favour of 4.3…even though theyve halted that fail of an update anywho


HTC really have to speed things up on their end. 4.4 is already out


I think you mean Telstra ; P The HTC one will have 4.4 in the next week or two, well for the Google Play Edition at least.

Nathan Pitts

exactly! The manufactures have their update sorted pretty quickly. As you pointed out, look at the GE HTC and Samsung phones.