Huawei 2
As the third largest manufacturer of mobile phones, Huawei has a lot of devices across a wide variety of ranges from the very low to the extremely high-end. At IFA next month, Huawei is expected to launch a new phone and this could be one of them.

The phone looks very similar to a handset leaked by Steve Hemmerstoffer from last week in a video which has since been removed. The handset has a similar placement of camera module, flash and of course the fingerprint sensor that first appeared on the Mate M7 last year. The handset appears also to be made of a higher end aluminium material, the same as the Mate M8.

Evan initially thought that this may be a Huawei ‘D’ Series handset, with a Apple like ‘Force Touch’ on board, but advised in a follow-up that:

Though the M8 is rumoured to be the basis of this years Huawei Nexus, the phone pictured is not the Huawei Nexus according to Evan.

We’ll be live in Germany at IFA this year, and we’ll hopefully be at the Huawei IFA press event when whatever they have to announce is unveiled.

Source: @evleaks.
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The Mate Mate?


Good screen/size ratio … minimal bezel


Beware of Huawei’s black hidden bezel, only look good when screen is off