Google’s decision to retain the Google Assistant as a Pixel exclusive feature has been a source of consternation for some, but a new report out of Business Korea says that the Google Assistant could be branching out to another phone, in particular the LG G6.

The inclusion of Google Assistant wouldn’t be exclusive though according to Business Korea, with the outlet saying that LG is also reportedly working with Amazon to include Alexa support. At CES, LG released new smart devices like their fridge which works with Alexa to organise your shopping, so this is not much of a stretch. The official availability of Alexa is limited, so Google Assistant, which is available almost everywhere is a natural substitute.

LG has a special relationship with Google, having now worked on three Nexus devices (Nexus 4, 5 & 5X) as well as being the creator of one of the first Android Wear watches, and very likely the upcoming Google watches which are expected to be announced on February 9th.

We’re expecting to see the LG G6 released at Mobile World Congress, and there’s a lot of rumours floating around out there about what the G6 could have inside but we’ve rounded all of them up for you here. We’ll be there at MWC to check out what LG has to announce.

Source: BUsiness Korea.
Via: Droid-Life.
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    I wonder if that has anything to do with Cortina coming to android? Just shows we need competition to put a rocket up their butts!