With Android Wear 2.0 through to be launching on February 9th it’s been rumoured that Google and LG will announce two new Android Wear devices under the LG brand to showcase Wear 2.0. In a recent FCC leak we got a few interesting pieces of information, however, a deeper look at the hundreds of pages in those filings revealed a little bit more.

First of all LG has actually passed three models through the FCC: the ZNFW270, ZNFW280 and ZNFW281. The 270 is a non-LTE model with WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC (LG Watch Style perhaps) included alongside an unspecified Lithium Polymer battery, pretty standard Android Wear stuff really. The 280 and 281 models both include LTE of various bands, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC at least one of which will be the LG Watch Sport we assume.

All models have mention of wireless charging or a wireless charging pad associated with some element of their filings. This leads us to suspect that the new LG Android Wear watches will use wireless charging. For those who have used wireless charging for watches know just how easy and convenient it is. Those who haven’t know how hit and miss the physical connectors can be.

Due to the significant variability in testing reports, it’s difficult to find standardised information across devices. We did find the dimensions of the 281 model. The device measures in at a whopping 51.6 x 15.4mm at its largest points. For comparison the already large and think OG Moto 360 measured 46 x 11.5 mm. Perhaps the device was designed for Hagrid from Harry Potter?

It is possible that we could, in fact, be seeing 3 models launched by LG, but it’s equally possible that there are regulatory/ LTE Band reasons for the separate filings of the 280 and 281. To be honest this feels more likely, if it was an entirely different model we would have expected a 260 or 290 model number. Still, there is absolutely no logic to model numbers so we won’t know until after the event or even after MWC later that month.

Source: FCC.
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Brandon D'Souza

I’m all for larger watches, all of the current ones are still too small IMO


This is why android is awesome, something for everyone


god, hoping at least one of these will come in a smaller size


You and me both. I’m thinking these won’t appeal to me. I need a ZenWatch 3 with NFC


Same. My wife has been wanting an Android Wear watch for ages but has really tiny wrists. The only thing she liked the look of was the gear S2. But you know, Tizen…