In case you missed it CyanogenMod is no more. In its place LineageOS has been born. Switching the builds from CyanogenMod (CM) to LineageOS has been a momentous task, one that has required a lot of work by the community. Thanks to many volunteers it is now ready to go, this weekend.

Announcing via their blog, LineageOS is ready to be deployed — all systems are operational and ready to go. Those devices which are capable of running Marshmallow and Nougat will be receiving LineageOS this weekend. Following the initial release there will be releases each week. Each build is signed with a private key so that you know you are getting the real deal. For the next couple of months LineageOS will also offer experimental data migration builds to facilitate an easy transition from CM to LineageOS (personally I prefer a clean flash and Titanium Backup can help with keeping all your apps’ data). Once the data migration build has been flashed the user can then just flash the standard LineageOS build.

In a change from the past, root access will not be built into the OS by default. Instead, if root is required a seperate zip file (provided by the LineageOS developers) will need to be “flashed”. This zip file will only need to be flashed once and the result will propogate from one build to another as each update is flashed. For those building their own from the LineageOS source a root switch can be easily included by adding the command ‘export WITH_SU=true’ prior to building.

For those interested keep an eye out on their download page for builds to begin rolling out in the next couple of days. If you are heistant to try something brand new such as this keep your eye on our social media feeds — as per usual I will be testing it out as soon as it is available for my various devices.

Source: LineageOS Blog.
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Nexus 5 builds now live.


Ooh – non-root CM images. NOW I’m interested. Have they worked out how to have a secure recovery?


Sunday 5pm and nothing. Maybe they meant next weekend?