The Pixel 6a is a great bit of kit for users who want a really good device at a great price. In fact, when I reviewed it a couple of months ago, I labelled it the new king of mid-tier.

That title is well deserved, offering solid performance, an excellent screen and a camera that stands out among the competition. The only real detractor was that the battery life isn’t great, but it is enough for most users’ needs.

At $749.00, it’s a worthwhile investment, but at the current price of $599.00, it’s a steal! That price is valid on the Google Store and the usual retail channels. If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a Pixel 6a, then now’s the time.

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Not a bad price, got my wife’s one for $569.99 through office works after a price beat. Pity they have caught on, but they are still lower in price than the 2 stores listed above at $597…