We’ve had a couple of notes in the last few weeks from readers who’ve experienced issues with Google Messages not working on Android Auto and it appears that the behaviours are consistent. The common reports are that either:

  • Messages is outright not working
  • Messages can be composed, but when received Android Auto will say “This app is not compatible”

A quick search shows that this isn’t an uncommon issue to find and Google has identified a workaround. The actual cause doesn’t seem to be known right now, but if you’re having problems here are the options:

Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Android Auto > Storage > Clear cache and clear data
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play services > Storage > Clear cache

I suddenly developed this issue around two weeks ago and can confirm the above workaround was successful. If you’re experiencing issues, it’s worth giving it a go and, of course, if you’re finding anything unusual with your Android devices send us a tip.