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Moving Android devices can be a long, slow painful process, especially if you’re not using Titanium Backup, Helium or any other backup solutions. CyangogenMod has today announced a new feature, from startup company Nextbit called Baton, that will offer a cloud-sync and backup solution for Android devices, which will seemlessly let you change back and forth between those devices at will.

This new software is designed to backup and sync the sum total of a person’s apps and data, not only making it effortless to switch between devices, but insuring against the devastation of lost data from damaged or stolen devices.

Nextbit offers a range of options, but the three main benefits on offer include :

  • Sync: Keeps apps and data in sync across multiple devices, allowing users to move fluidly from one device to the next without missing a beat.
  • Pass: Send any open app in its current state to another device, saving time and eliminating the tedious process of manually finding and opening apps on different devices.
  • Backup and restore: Save apps and data to your Nextbit profile in the cloud, so you can always get your apps back on any device.

Nextbit - Baton

Baton is available in Private Beta to users on the latest CyangoenMod, but it will eventually be commercially distributed through Cyanogen as well. So we should see this feature in future commercial partnerships like those we’ve seen with Oppo on the N1 and OnePlus with the One. If you’re interested in signing up to the Nextbit Beta, you can find more information on their website.

Update: Seems there’s video :

Source: CyanogenNextbit.
Via: GSMArena.