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The Android 5.1 update has been live for Android One customers purchasing new phones in Indonesia since they were launched last month. The question of when the rollout of Android 5.1 – and which build it will be is the big one now, and US carrier T-Mobile may have just answered it.

According to support documents that Android Police have found, the rollout of Android 5.1, build LMY47D, will begin today (well yesterday March 9th in the US). The rollout is scheduled to hit the Nexus 4, 5, and 7 (2013), and though there’s no mention of other Nexus devices – most likely due to T-Mobile not ranging them on their network – it’s expected it will also hit the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 – as well as the Nexus 7 (2012).

We’re currently seeing LMY47D on Nexus 5’s and LMY47E on the Nexus 6 hitting our server logs, so that slightly later build is definitely in testing and if LMY47D is the release candidate then we could see it rolling out soon enough.

It’s approaching the end of the day in the US, so hopefully we may see some Nexus Factory Images posted up shortly. We encourage you to also make sure you capture the OTA link as well if you’re offered it and let us know.

Source: T-Mobile.
Via: Android Police.
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Sujay Vilash

Can anyone tell me if the N7’12 WiFi Only is worth upgrading to v5.x? I read too many conflicting articles. Some say upgrade and some say don’t as the upgrade slows it down. So confused. Can anyone shed some light, please? And apologies if this is off topic a bit.

Adrian Trimarchi

I haven’t really had many lag issues with 5.0.2 on my 2012 n7. But I’m sure 5.1 will be a big improvement regardless

Sujay Vilash

Thanks, Adrian. I will update it this weekend. Complicating my N7’12 is that whilst running stock ROM, it is actually rooted. So I will have to use Mark Skippen’s toolkit to upgrade and re-root. Wonder if I can go back to KitKat if I find v5.1 not to my liking???

Adrian Trimarchi

You’ll be able to go back. Just have to find some tutorials online. I’ve never done it.


I have been at all versions with my trusty old 2012 N7. So far 5.1 is best. I always do a clean install. Please be aware the device is a bit aged. 1 GB RAM etc. I consider carefully which apps I install. Not expert in this, but I am suspicious to some apps. For example Facebook and all the stuff that this app runs in the background. So I don’t install it at my N7. Facebook app seems to be consuming huge resources, my guess is that sometimes apps can help destroy the N7 user experience. Not sure if… Read more »

Sujay Vilash

Thank you for the information. Looks like I will busy this weekend upgrading the N7’12 to v5.1. Mainly use the N7 as a glorified eBook reader so will be happy to remove all unnecessary apps.


i really hope my Zune gets Lollipop soon